From Flakey to Functional

Hi there,

This is going to be my new blog – I’ve attempted blogs in the past but as you can see from the subject header – I was a flakey person.

I just wanted to talk about how life can change in so many positive ways, when you least expect it (we all know there are enough depressing blogs out there – of which I can be a fan).

So to begin, I want to take you back to how I was in school and how, despite my mum’s best efforts, I seemed destined to fail.

When I was 12 I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). A lot of people don’t believe this exists, however, having lived with it – I can tell you it truly does. Many skeptics believe that ADD, or mainly ADHD, is just an excuse for a ‘naughty child’ and I agree that there are cases when this is true, but imagine living your life with the utmost all-consuming enthusiasm for something only to have no interest in it a week or so later? Imagine all the hobbies you started and didn’t finish, or all the projects you couldn’t wait to do only to have it still unfinished months later… it doesn’t feel good, and no matter how hard you try – it is near-on impossible to force yourself to focus on something you have no interest in. Things such as being in trouble at school play on your mind but don’t give you that extra push as you don’t really ‘feel’ the worry.

So it was not looking good – one minute I’d be an A student because I was obsessed with a particular subject, and a month later I could be failing that subject.

I did okay in school by the end, but college was another kettle of fish. Less discipline/structure, and I need structure to progress.

Once I finished college I realised I had no clue what I wanted to do. Well, that’s not true – there were about 15-20 different jobs I was equally passionate about but not one I could focus on. I decided to do some work experience to narrow these down and see what steps I would nee to take. Work experience was great fun, and resulted in me getting my first article published at age 18, but it didn’t really direct me in any way – it helped me decide on a lot of things I didn’t want to do, but nothing that really grabbed my interest.

I then entered the world of work – it began with a Christmas job at a jewellery store, and I must say – work has made me. It taught me that if you are late or don’t work efficiently then you are gone. No second chances. No time to be flakey, and so that worry and a hands-on varied environment really paid off.

I seem to do well in work.

I briefly worked at a clothing store, and then changed direction and started at a book store as I LOVE to read. During this time I noticed a self-publishing company in my area and decided to contact them for work experience.

I loved it. They threw me in at the deep-end and within the first few weeks I was speaking with authors as an Account Manager. It has been about a year of work experience and part-time hours with this company, and in a couple of weeks I will be going full-time. So I thought it would be great to blog about this time in my life for me to look back in the future.

So my book is now just beginning….

p.s. sorry that cheesy line just happened…


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