Why I don’t say I’m a Feminist…

Hi all,

I am going to bring up something that has been really bothering me lately; the hordes of people identifying as feminists.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea – I DO believe in gender equality, however, I identify as an equalist.

I wouldn’t normally make a post on this, but after recently telling a friend I identify as an equalist and not solely a feminist – I got a look of disgust; but why?

What is Equalism?

Equalism is the belief that everyone is equal and should have equal opportunities. This means you believe that every race, every religion, each gender, all sexualities, every sexual identity, and people from both ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ backgrounds should have the same respect and opportunities.

What is Feminism?

Feminism is the belief that each gender should have equal opportunities and respect.

I have since asked a few of my friends why they identify solely as a feminist, rather than an equalist (which encompasses gender equality) and the answers were as follows;

– Feminism has more awareness

– Some people are jumping on the band wagon of feminism due to what their favourite celebrities say rather than researching and finding out what they identify with themselves

– Some people believe in gender equality but not necessarily all the things that are under the definition of ‘equalism’

– “Feminism is FEMinism”…. I almost didn’t include this one as it doesn’t seem to shout ‘gender equality’ to me. Also, the word feminism was created as a cause for women’s rights, and during a time period when many feminists had black maids etc working for them, so racism was not as offensive to them as it is to us today. Also it was a period in which most people in the Western world were Christians, and so religious equality wasn’t an issue either, but as we continue to grow in diversity we should use a word that encompasses all of our views.

I feel that equalism is a lesser-known word, and we need to spread the awareness of this phrase, as I do not find any of the issues we face today to be more important than any other issue. I don’t feel gender equality is more important than racism, or vice versa, and so I will not only openly speak of and identify with one of those issues.

Most people I have asked actually have equalist views and so are now identifying as one, and for those who don’t…. well, there must be a reason – what is it?

This will be the basis for my next YouTube video, so please feel free to comment your opinions below as I would love some more reasons behind this.

Thanks guys,



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