25 Questions to Ask Yourself…..

So I saw an article called 25 Questions to Ask Yourself (link below) and so I thought I’d list the questions and my answers 🙂 

1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

1. I personally believe that age is just a number, and so I can’t think of a number that represents my personality for this question. I’m quite silly and weird, but can also be very mature and dry.

2. If you had the opportunity to spread a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?

2. This is a tough one for me. There are so many messages deserving of this, however, anything I can think of sounds tired :/ I believe in loving one another, and that we all have a voice. I guess the message I would send is my current mantra ‘We all have a responsibility to make our world a better place’.

3. Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

3. I truly do believe in lies of omission being almost as bad as a verbal lie; if you know someone is thinking something yet it is not true, whether they’ve assumed this or it is the product of a verbal lie, to not correct or inform this person is to go along with and support the lie. I do believe there are certain truths that are not your place to tell, however, it would be worth placing doubt in the ‘believers’ mind so they can investigate this situation themselves. How would you feel if people knew you had the wrong end of the stick, or believed an untruth and yet they did not tell you? Just as bad as if they had lied to you, I bet.

4. If not now, then when?

4. I believe in this sentiment, however, I also believe in making the most of what you have. I grab most opportunities that come my way, as I know these are rare and that if I don’t push myself to do things – no-one else will. A lot of people say ‘YOLO’ and others agree with the idea of reincarnation, however, even if you believe in reincarnation – you should surely make the most of each reincarnated life you have.

5. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

5. I don’t tend to care what people think, however, I do get nervous doing certain things in front of people I am closest to e.g. singing, acting etc – give me a stranger and I don’t give a damn. I have started to put myself out there more – made a YouTube channel, started a blog (I am also looking into acting classes). I can’t say I don’t do things out of fear of being judged, however, I do hesitate and doubt myself due to this – then you just have to push through.

6. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?

6. I don’t think so. I am someone who does forgive and forget in the sense that if you hurt me you are out of my life before you can catch your breath to lie again. I am always willing to see both sides of a story and am very good at understanding people’s actions when others can’t, but if you hurt me when there was an option to be truthful or go down a different path and you chose the family member/friend/relationship destructive one then I have no time for you. I do not have nasty people in my life, whether you are family, friend, or partner so that’s that. I don’t believe I hold on to things unnecessarily anymore, but that doesn’t mean I am going to be careless with my love and trust.

7. Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

7. I don’t think I have done anything lately that is worth other people remembering. I have done a few things that have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and that I feel are worth remembering for myself to motivate me to keep taking risks in life. I have started looking at volunteering opportunities in the local community as this is something that I never had time for in my life previously, but do now, and I am a huge advocate of helping people that need to remember what life is about.

8. Who do you love? What are you doing about it?

8. I love my mum, and I hope I show her as often as I can. I know sometimes I could improve on this, but she tells me I show her in many ways. I love my boyfriend of 3+ years, he has helped me work through issues I thought were okay but in hindsight hindered and ruined many past relationships. Other than my mum, he is the only person that can make me feel up when I am down, and helps me feel supported in everything I do, as I have often been someone who has felt I am supporting myself in my ventures. My dog, Thai. She is gorgeous, and like many dogs, loves you unconditionally, and so I love her unconditionally.

9. When is it time to stop calculating RISKS and REWARDS, and just do what you know is right?

9. NOW. This is the time. Every day in your life. I am a huge believer in standing up for causes you believe in, and standing up for people who are being unfairly discriminated against. I hate it when I step into a situation, and all the onlookers praise my ‘bravery’ afterwards, when what I did was not brave – it was normal. I try to live my life making decisions and choices I can feel proud of, not ashamed of. I’m not saying you should put yourself in physical danger, but there is always something you can do to help a situation – get help, call the authorities, step in if the situation is safe enough for you to do so.

10. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

10. Neither. I get irritated by self-pitying people; we all have these moments, but people who self-pity constantly and never try and improve a situation (unless they have a mental health disorder – as that is a different issue) really get on my nerves, so when the cry I just feel annoyed. My heart breaks the most when people who have been through a lot in life cry because they are just tired – I’m sure we’ve all been through this.

11. Would you break the law to save a loved one?

11. My natural instinct is to say ‘yes’, however, it really depends on the situation. Has this loved one done something despicable that makes me feel they deserve their current situation? Or, is this the loved one I know who has just ended up in a dangerous situation? When in that case 100% yes.

12. When you are her age (woman in picture above), what will matter to you the most?

12. Knowing that I showed the people I love that I really appreciated them. Making sure I helped people when they were in genuine need, rather than be too cowardly to step forward. Hoping I became the person on the inside that I try to be.

13. D you ask yourself enough questions? Or do you settle for what you know?

13. I don’t ask myself enough ‘knowledge’ questions e.g. maths, science etc, however, I ask myself plenty of philosophical and cultural questions – I like to challenge my integrity and make sure I practice what I preach.

14. Do you celebrate the things you do have?

14. I definitely try to.

15. When all is said and done, will you have said more than you have done?

15. As I said above, I like to practice what I preach. I am happy to have said more if what I said is of value and I know I would put those beliefs into action if they were challenged. I would like to have done everything I say I am going to, but life is short and you change your priorities often, but I would like to keep the core values that I speak about.

16. When was the last time you tried something new?

16. I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone for a while now; my most recent ‘new’ thing, was to create this blog and keep it up, as well as create a YouTube vlog.

17. Which activities make you lose track of time?

17. Whenever I do something I am passionate and excited to do. At the moment reading a good book, getting through a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging job, sex with my current partner.

18. If you could do it all over again, would you do it differently?

18. There are a couple of regrets I have; things I have done that I wish I hadn’t. However, if changing these things would alter where I am today, then no – I would do it all the same.

19. What is the difference between living and existing?

19. Finding out what you are here for. This doesn’t mean you are here to change the world, but improving the lives of those around you, or exploring the world are good examples of people living rather than existing. I believe that you create your purpose in life, and once you know what drives you then you have passed from existing to living. Existing is doing everything you are told and not making decisions for yourself, existing is going from one stage of your life to another without putting any heart into your decisions.

20. If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

20. If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would say that person would be out of my life very quickly. These days, even though I make mistakes, I don’t criticise myself on as much as I have tried to improve any aspects of myself I am not happy about. I used to feel I was very shy about my beliefs, I was very scared of taking risks, and I let people take advantage of me when it came to friendship – that is not me now; I am very open about my beliefs and open about learning other peoples, I push myself out of my comfort zone regularly, and I don’t let anyone take advantage of me if I can help it.

21. If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

21. I would teach the younger generations that they do not need to be what society has pre-disposed they should be. We should all try and find our beliefs, compassion is a good thing, and we should all strive to get what we want in an ethical way and never let anyone stop us from soaring.

22. Time or money?

22. Time. Money is a man-made problem that is more important to society than people dying in the streets, or freezing in their homes. I hate being part of a world where people will starve to death because they don’t have enough paper.

23. Are you aware that someone has it worse than you?

23. I am constantly aware of this. I think that it is usually people that have had some difficulties along the way that realise there are people in worse situations. I am often shocked by people who have suffered through nothing, don’t seem to think that suffering is as prevalent in our world as much as it is – I don’t just mean rich people, as I have been a ‘have’ and I have been a ‘have not’, but I mean people who have had a relatively ‘bubble-like’ existence.

24. What makes you smile?

24. Seeing acts of kindness and love committed by strangers.

25. What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?

25. Doing: not following my heart. Being: not being compassionate enough. Having: I have the love of the two people I love – what more do I need?

Hope you liked the Q&A.

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