A Poem… of sorts

Work Whale

Dear Person Who Affects My Job,

Please do not think this is a letter of hate,

I do not hate you,

I do not like you.

You affect my job in negative ways.

Your sultry and slow method of working has me perplexed;

You claim you love this job.

Your attitude displays other feelings.

I do not mind if you’ve misunderstood.

I do mind if I have to repeat myself when you have instructions in writing.

I do mind if your inability to read things through causes my work to be delayed.

I do mind if I take a painstaking amount of time to be clear and concise,

Only to have your email suggest otherwise.

You are my Work Whale.

Dancing gracefully through the aggressive waves,

Never rushing,

Always late.

Slowly drifting through the sea,

The work day means more to me.

The way you tell me something can’t be done,

The way you wait to tell me this until the day it is due.

I cannot fathom the reasoning behind this,

I cannot understand what it’s like to be you.

Dear Work Whale,

Take some time,

Understand that your work is as important as mine.

I am the one questioned when delays must occur,

I am the one that must time-save elsewhere.

Dear Work Whale,

With your talent in tow.

It’s time to speed up,

Or it’s time for you to go.


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