To Vote or not to Vote?

Hi everyone,

So the UK General Election 2015; voting will occur on 7th May 2015.

This year I have found it hard to pick a party to vote for. I believe in many policies, but unfortunately these are spread over a few different parties.

I keep seeing television and social media posts telling us we have to vote this year, and that basically, if you don’t vote, you are letting down your country. YOU! Not the idiotic politicians running the country into ruin…

So this year, I am NOT going to vote.

I have watched the debates, I have read the articles, I have taken the quizzes, but no matter what I see or read I cannot put my trust or hope (that comes in the form of my vote) into any of the parties.

I feel that all the political parties have their priorities wrong. I cannot support a party that thinks banning female ejaculation from being produced in British pornography is more of an issue than homelessness. Of course, they will say they do not think that female ejaculation is more of an issue, but how then, was that law pushed through so quickly when I see nothing substantial being done to help people living on the streets?

The political parties only care about making the UK the richest and most powerful country, rather than caring about the state in which people are living here. It’s no wonder everyone binge drinks their depression away.

I even think I might spoil my ballot this year. I’m in that kind of mood.

The Government was created to represent the thoughts and feelings of the public. To make stable decisions on how best to protect the country and make sure everyone that lives here has at least a basic standard of living if they so choose.

When a political party that prioritizes the issues, and wants to make sure people in this country can actually live… THEN I will vote, but for now…. screw them. I want no part of it.



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