I’m back, I’m bad, and I’m nationwide


Just in case you weren’t sure, the title is a Bridget quote in 8 Simple Rules – a show I was obsessed with when I was a pre-teen. Seriously, like, check it out.

So, you’ve got it; I am BACK, baby.

Back to YouTube I mean. Not another world. Although, that would surely make this post more interesting :/

I must say, I’ve really missed YouTube; uploading, chatting with fellow ‘tubers and just being creative.

I am in a much better place to be on YouTube now. I don’t particularly care if I get loads of subscribers or views, I just want to entertain the people who actually want to watch my videos and make a little community on my channel.

If you want to join that community – whether you are a youtuber or a viewer – then comment below or just check out my videos.

I want to get to know you all and if you want, you can get to know me.

This journey should be fun. The people who started their channels 10years ago had no clue that it would end up being a money-making, fame-building entity – they just did it because they loved to make videos and entertain people. I sometimes feel that is missing on YouTube today.

Let’s bring it back.

If you agree and you want to join me in this quest then let me know 🙂

This is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaeLSYuS9hvygVyTNVvYug

Check it out if you want to but we can always just chat here as well 🙂


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