Why, oh why, Subscriber…?


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but why are people so stingy with subscribing?

I mean, it’s not like it costs anything.

People seem to treat subscribing to a channel as though they are selling a part of their soul. It is not that big of a deal, people.

I subscribe to new channels left, right and center. I may not watch all of your videos but when one pops up on my homepage, I will almost definitely check it out.

I’m a small youtuber and I’ve noticed that instead of supporting each other, many other youtubers with less than 1,000 subscribers will not subscribe to you unless you subscribe to them. I have no problem with doing this and helping each other out – it shows teamwork and good faith, however, many of these types of youtubers will leave it a couple of days and then unsubscribe to you.

It’s not Twitter.

People are not looking at how many people you subscribe to and how many are subscribed to you and thinking – ‘oh gosh, they sub to much more than are subbed to them’. If you want, you can keep how many people you are subscribed to as a private affair.

I find this all so bazarre. How people seem to think their subscription is something that they can never get back and so need to think reeeeaaalllly hard before committing to it.

I am not so much talking about viewers in general, as if you are not a youtuber (big or small) you don’t tend to subscribe to someone unless you really love their videos… at least I didn’t when I was purely a viewer. However, when you do become a youtuber, you realise that to most people your subscription is important and you should want to support and make friends with people trying to do and achieve the same as you. Or, at least if you don’t, then don’t expect others to do it for you.

What are your thoughts on why people feel so nervous about subscribing? Let me know below in the comments or even on my Twitter page.


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  1. I think my subscription habits stayed about the same after I became a YouTuber – namely that I really don’t subscribe to very many people. Like, I fall asleep to creepy pasta videos every single night, but I haven’t actually clicked the button for any of the channels that make them.

    At this point, I subscribe to lots of small YouTubers, but they’re all people I’ve collaborated with or who have been really insanely active on my channel or that put out content that I enjoy so much that I don’t want to miss any of their videos. The rest? I pretty much just follow on Twitter (love that you mentioned Twitter, by the way).

    My reason for this is that subscriptions feel a lot less genuine otherwise. I want to subscribe to people because I like their work, not because I’m trying to get their attention. And at this point, “support each other” has become a euphemism for “sub4sub” (or worse “stroke my ego and I’ll pretend to care about you, I guess”), so I pretty much automatically write off anybody who says it.

    And over time, my subscriber count has pretty much held steady. Although I’m noticing that a lot of fellow creators have unsubscribed (and thus comments are dropping off and views are delayed a bit), I’m also seeing them replaced by people who have no subscribers and no views uploaded – meaning I have an actual audience that doesn’t take YouTube so seriously and isn’t trying to get something from me.

    I have to say, I like that better. As much as I love our community, I’m sick of some of the BS that pops up constantly.


    1. Hey, thanks for replying. I completely agree. I would love to just have an audience of people that like my videos or who have become my friends on YouTube, rather than people subbing just for me to sub back. I lost 3 subs overnight because I didn’t sub back to people who wrote ‘love this vid, I’m subbing – check out my channel’. It’s quite frustrating because either sub because you like me or are my friend – if not then please do not use me to stroke your ego, as you say. Thanks for the comment – so pleased I am not the only one who thinks like this!!


  2. Sarah Mitchell says:

    For me, it’s organization. I’d rather have just a few channels under that “subscribed channels” tab, all with little blue dots next to them (people that upload regularly), than I would fifteen channels that I subscribed to because I like, but they never upload. So, basically, taking up space. If you upload regularly and your channel has content that I actually like, and will actually be excited to watch, I’ll be happy when I get a notification for a new video. Right now, my “subscribed” tab only consists of Smosh, Smosh Games, Smosh 2nd Channel, Thomas Sanders, Gabe Erwin, JudyDoesVlogging YT, and Sam and Colby. They all have something in common — they upload regularly, and their content makes me laugh and is enjoyable to to watch. I don’t want to have too many, because they’ll just be taking up space.


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