Why do we love Halloween?

It’s October 23rd. Get ready for pumpkins, horrifying movies, and fancy dress costumes.

Most of us love Halloween… but why? What is it that appeals to us?


Fancy Dress

It’s not really too hard to decipher the reasons a lot of us love fancy dress. It’s a chance to become your favourite characters and portray anyone for one night without having to alter your path in life.

Really, though, it is our opportunity to be a different person. To escape our lives and be who we want; whether that’s sexy, scary, or comical. A chance to show everyone who we are deep down or who we want to be.

I’m not sure whether I find that to be a good thing or sad that we aren’t our chosen beings all year round.

I love dressing up because I feel I can show the many sides to my personality; whether that be my feistier side or creepy, scary side.

Why do you put a costume on each year?


Being Scared

I am a huge lover of scary movies, stories and activities, but why on earth would any of us want to feel fear?

Our lives are without fear.

Living in the Western world, most of us can agree that unless you are experiencing abuse (in any form) our lives are without fear, and therefore we get our jump scares and ‘excitement’ from horror films and Halloween experiences.

If you were living in a war-torn country, or facing prejudice and abuse you wouldn’t need to search for fear. Things in your life are already frightening enough.

Does this mean Halloween appeals to only the privileged?

Don’t worry; this isn’t an article to tell you how privileged you are because you have certain physical characteristics that are out of your control. What I mean by privileged is that you simply don’t face anything fear-mongering in your household or community that other people may face every day.

You don’t feel fear on a daily basis.

What do you think?

Why does Halloween appeal to you?

Let me know in the comments below, and check out my horror movies video for some recommendations.


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