Let’s Get Scared…

Unsure of what horror flicks to watch this year? Or have you seen them all and need something different?

As a horror movie buff/lifelong fan, here are my top 5 horror movies for 2016 Halloween viewing.

Grab the popcorn; grab a friend… or two… maybe even three as you are about to get scared!

The House of the Devil


If, like me, you’ve exhausted all the old 70’s and 80’s horror movies but love the feel and style of them, then The House of the Devil is the perfect movie for you.

Filmed to replicate the style of the classic slasher movies, this isn’t the typical ‘baby-sitter alone in the house’ storyline. The story plays on the paranoia around satanic worship that was prevalent in the 70’s.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Black Christmas (1974)


It’s two storylines we are familiar with but combined; a sorority house being picked off one by one, and the killer phoning from inside the house BUT we need to remember that Black Christmas was one of the first to do these storylines and you can tell by the lack of cheesy horror tropes we’ve grown to endure.

There has been a remake of this movie, but save yourself the trouble of losing a few hours of your life and watch the original; it makes all the difference.

Check out the trailer here.



I thought I would throw a comedy into the mix for you all. However, make no mistakes, this movie encompasses some of the best scenes of slasher horror I have seen and it will make you jump… a lot.

Severance is about a group of work colleagues on a bonding weekend. Soon they start being picked off one by one. It also stars Danny Dyer.

I can’t do it any justice so I’ll just let you check out the trailer here.

The Amityville Horror (1979)


As you well know, there have been remakes of what happened at Amityville, however, the original 1979 movie will creep you out to the core.

A family move into a new home only to have their dreams dashed by mysterious goings-on and the changes in one of their members.

That is all I can say without giving away the story. Even if you have seen the remake, you really should check this original out, or at least take a gander at the trailer here.



Last on my list and by far the scariest. Martyrs is a French film (but don’t let subtitles deter you) about a young girl who was abused and decides to get revenge on the people that did this to her. Teamed with another troubled friend, things don’t go to plan.

Check out the trailer and check out this movie if you are prepared to be scarred for life! 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these movies or tweet me.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my YouTube channel.


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