YouTuber Apologies

Hey everyone,

So this is is a slightly different kind of blog post; much less formal and more of a rant post…

Stick with me.

I know we all grow as human beings, and things we think and believe now, we won’t necessarily feel the same about in a few years time.


There is one thing that is really grinding my gears on YouTube at the moment… and that is Youtuber’s Apologies. 

I understand that, as a youtuber, you want to appeal to the biggest audience you can and that sometimes you don’t quite express yourself clearly and this may result in you receiving hate until you re-define what you meant.

However, quite a trend has started.

A youtuber will say or do something that brings them, even the smallest amount of hate. That youtuber will then proceed to make an apology video about what they said or did.

I honestly feel that your opinions are your own and so you should ‘own’ what you say or do and not apologise for it. We all make mistakes and feel free to rectify them and/or apologise for them. However, if something is your opinion and you believe it, please stick with it and not apologise for it because not everyone agrees with you, or worse still –  disable comments or delete the video because you’ve not got the reaction you expected.

I don’t agree that, unless you did or said something that was taken completely out of context or was actually offensive, that you should cower away from people’s disagreement.

Yes, the internet can be the most hurtful and horrible place at times, especially if you have an ‘unpopular opinion’. However, I like to know what the people I am subscribed to think about certain things. I like to know your views and opinions, even when I disagree.

I feel like a lot of youtubers are putting money and fame above being a ‘real’ person; even youtubers that promote honesty and being genuine on their channels. It is a real shame that they feel the need to delete videos of weaker moments, or take back innocent things they have said about a brand or person because not all of their viewers agree.

I would rather know who I am watching, than watch someone fake.

I try to keep it real on my YouTube channel but I understand that videos I made a year ago with my opinions on certain topics may not represent my feelings on those topics today. I won’t delete those videos though, I will explain in a new video how my feelings have progressed or I’ll just let people know in comments.

That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about people being too ‘chicken shit’ to stand up for what they think and feel because they fear being hated or even just losing a small piece of their popularity and/or subscribers.

If you feel that way, why bother uploading anything controversial at all?

There are youtubers I love, such as Zoella, who doesn’t make any controversial points or really show her opinions about things very often and she is mighty successful.

However, if your channel is based upon honesty and integrity, you should not feel the need to take back your views.

Even when you apologise we all know you feel exactly the same.

I don’t know, guys.

Does this annoy you too?

Let me know in the comments or tweet me. 


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