America… You done f*cked up.

Last night, November 8th to be exact; I was snuggled up on my sofa with an incredible amount of Dairy Milk, anxiously awaiting the election coverage to begin.

Poor America…

They had to choose between Lizard Woman and KKK Clown.

What a choice.

When Trump initially announced his run for presidency, I wanted him to win.

HOLD ON. This was after only ever seeing him in movies and on Celebrity Apprentice. I thought it would be hilarious if he won.

Then the slurs began.

At first, I didn’t believe Trump felt the way he portrayed. I thought he had tapped into the fears of the bigoted and racist to win votes and nothing more. However, the more he said the more I disliked him and the more I assumed he would never win.

I mean, how can America go from electing Obama to electing Trump?

It doesn’t make sense how a country can just regress 50 years.

Hillary isn’t a great choice either. People seem to feel that because she now supports LGBTQ communities that she is the safer choice.

Have people forgotten that much of what Trump says now, Hillary was championing those thoughts when she was against Obama?

It only take a quick Google search to find Hillary’s support of the wall, racist remarks, and homophobia.

I could not imagine being in a situation where both candidates represent the worst of your country. I don’t understand how either got so far.

There are, of course, independent bodies that people could have voted for instead. However, it seemed not many people would even consider these.

I’m no political expert; I’m a white British girl that’s immensely confused and disappointed with America.

I am not saying Hillary should have won… I am saying that neither should even have got so far in this race.

You guys messed up, and now you’ve got a shit-storm on its way.

Good luck.

Disclaimer: I am not saying Donald Trump is a clown for the KKK. Nor am I saying that Hillary Clinton is a lizard in disguise – I am merely making a joke using well-known theories about these 2 individuals.


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