Quarter-life Crisis…

I will be 25 in a matter of weeks and I didn’t think I’d mind…

However, I have been getting these urges…

More tattoos

Dye my hair

Get piercings

Have ‘crazy’ make up

I feel like I’m having a quarter-life crisis.

I’ve always looked younger than I am, and up until I recently cut my hair, people still thought I was about 18.

I don’t know whether it was cutting my hair (making me look around 20/21) that has done it, but I am feeling nervous of my impending admission into the mid-twenties category.

No longer will I be:

Early 20’s

Now I will be mid-twenties, late twenties… thirties – yet I still feel 19.

Do any of you feel this way? Let me know in the comments if you do.

I work with younger people, yet my boyfriend is older. I watch 19-24 year old youtubers, yet can see their immaturity.

It may be that I was always older than my years in the past and now that the scary ’25’ is approaching, I feel the need to reclaim that youth I so quickly passed through.

Would dying my hair pink or blue, getting more tattoos, piercings and wearing glitter on my face be such a bad idea?

Will I regret it in a month?

I just feel like I never experimented with my appearance much when I was younger… but I liked the way I looked so why would I?

Now I feel like I missed out.

I know 25 isn’t ‘old’. However, the last 4 years have flown by, this last year in particular.

Will you see a ‘crazy-fied’ version of me in the future?

Only time will tell…

Let me know in the comments if any of you feel this way when your birthday approaches, and what I can do to push through this feeling.


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  1. Do what makes you happy, and you think you will love. Don’t do things for others because others might not do them for you 😊😊

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    1. I agree 😀 thanks for the comment btw x

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