SJWs Kill Careers

In the past year or so, I’m sure you’ve all noticed a pattern… one of the more outspoken SJWs disagree with you and BAM your career is over.

Now, don’t think I am jumping onto the bashing SJW bandwagon. I have been against them for years – as you can see from previous blog posts and a youtube video I posted about the values of an Equalist belief system in contrast to a Feminist belief system.

However, 2017 is our year to speak out; to stop these language policing, career destroying monsters that are taking over universities and media outlets.

In 2016 these SJW figures showed their true nature; it was there before this but they hid under the guise of protecting those in need. Last year they seemed to realise that their false narratives were losing traction and support and instead of owning up to lies they told and over-reactions to small misdemeanours, they decided to attack anyone that dared disagree with them in hopes of scaring people into silence.

My personal issues with these types of keyboard and media warriors is the fact that they say they spread equality and that they want women and minorities to be heard, however, when you dare say something that contradicts their message they try their hardest to not only silence you, but belittle and nullify your argument by saying you have ‘internalised misogyny’ – and that’s the nicest thing they do to you.

The reason I am writing about this now is due to the recent attack on Milo Yiannopoulos’s character.

I am unbiased in my opinion on Milo; I agree with some things he says and I disagree with other view points he has.

If you don’t know who Milo Yiannopoulos is; he is a self-confessed provocateur. He worked, until recently, as an editor at Breitbart News. He is a ‘gay Catholic, Trump supporter’ and in his own words he describes himself (as well as the title of his tour) as a ‘Dangerous Faggot’.

Now, whether you agree or disagree with his views, I don’t particularly care. That’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how he has been constantly attacked by these SJWs in unacceptable ways.

When you see Milo in a debate, he usually presents facts and figures over his own opinions, and when he does this the people (usually third wave feminists or SJWs) use insults and character defamation as their retort due to their lack of sturdy evidence to back up their debate claims.

This is not the way to debate someone.

In my mind, and correct me if I’m wrong, a debate is meant to be people making claims, defending those claims with facts and evidence, and then perhaps putting their own personal opinions and anecdotal stories into the mix for dramatic effect, resulting in one or no winners – depending on who you wish to support.


Debates have now become platforms for stupidity, personal vendettas, and one-sided discussion.

In the many panels and debates I have watched, some starring Milo, some not, the SJW or third wave feminist sides present their claims, are then destroyed with facts and figures by their opponent, and in response they not only try to destroy their opponent’s character whilst on stage but also they continue their attack when they ‘get home’ and onto their social media sending armies of these idiotic, vile people to harass their debate opponent.

I posted a video of Milo Yiannopoulos on my facebook (click here to watch) and instead of hearing a reasoned, factual argument, I had someone comment ‘WTF, he’s a nazi’ and then when I disagreed (in part because in all of what I’ve seen and read I’ve never heard Milo be anti-semitic, and the fact that his mother is Jewish) they then turned the topic onto ‘but Trump has made new laws about abortion’. Is it me, or do you not follow this logic either? I post a video about how boys and young men may be facing issues in the world today and then instead of presenting me with facts to the contrary, the defence is to launch a character assassination and when that fails to then switch the topic completely.

Since this attack on Milo’s character, a podcast with The Drunken Peasants (video version linked here) from over a year ago came to light. In this podcast, Milo does his usual trolling but also speaks about how when he was an early teenager he found his sexuality with an older man. He defended this man and said that when he was in his early teens (I can’t state his age as there have been various numbers thrown about) he was sexually promiscuous and that there may be other people like him out there. He defended the age of consent and said that the sexually promiscuous early-teens like he was are a minority. The hosts agreed and disagreed with him and a lively debate ensued. Nothing more happened with that.

The podcast episode received positive reviews and people know Milo’s trolling nature.

In the last week, this podcast episode has been relaunched into society by SJWs looking to ‘bring Milo down’. They had already got him taken off Twitter by spam reporting him, and had already spread rumours of him being a racist, sexist homophobe, when in actual fact, he is gay and dates mainly black men.

They now claim he defends paedophilia by his comments about his own young sexual promiscuity.

This has caused his book deal to be put on hold, his resignation from his job, and many other negative outcomes. Not because of the actual podcast episode in its entirety, but by the videos people have made by cutting and editing the areas they dislike and putting them together out of context to further their own agenda against this man.

How can some radical SJW figures cause such a reaction? You may ask. Well, these radicals are in our new media, our old media, have large followings, they are in the universities – both students and staff – and they push their agendas under the veil of equality.

As an Equalist, I find this insulting.

These people will do anything to silence those who have contrasting views.

They don’t go after the real sexists, or racists, or anyone falling under any of the other ‘ists’ they go for the intelligent people that can give reasoned arguments against them.

I’m not saying that Milo Yiannopoulos is always correct, but take people like Christina Hoff Sommers – she hosts the youtube series The Factual Feminist. Christina identifies as a feminist – surely something these SJWs would appreciate and agree with, however, as she does push feminist viewpoints but also points out inconsistencies in third-wave feminist narratives she has been attacked by them. She has had her talks and discussions cancelled because people say she triggers them into some kind of PTSD state when she points out certain areas of what SJWs are saying are factually incorrect, she has been pushed out of areas where she should be welcome, she has had her character decimated by these children – and I say children as they have zero arguing or reasoning skills which is why they ‘fight dirty’.

So all I have to say is STOP.

Let’s not allow these crazy radicals to steal our voices from us. They claim they want women to have a voice and yet if it contrasts with their viewpoints they do anything they can not only to silence this person but to ruin their character and career.

This is the year we take back freedom of speech.

You may believe these SJWs are just a small minority, and in a sense that is true, however, these people are in our government, mainstream media, and universities – every single influential place they can be and they kick up a fuss until they get what they want.

So this is more urgent and important than you would think.

We need to protect our right to say our opinion.

We need to protect people’s voices being heard without fear of career destruction.

We need to restore intelligence to the debating system and value facts over false narratives.

All I ask, is that you research the things these so called ‘social justice warriors’ have done to the people that disagree with, not even all, but one or two of their viewpoints.

How they try to silence any argument that doesn’t tally with their own so they can push their agenda onto us.

I ask that before you form your opinions, to really research the facts and ensure they back up your beliefs because I know the facts back up mine.

Good luck, and I hope you don’t get too angry with what you find.


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